What is a wiki?

A Wiki is a special type of web site that lets you and other visitors edit and add to the pages you find here.

  • If you have links or info to add, you can post them where you feel they fit best.
  • If you find an annoying typo or silly spelling error, you can correct it rather than calling the bad-speller names or gritting your teeth and muttering under your breath! (HOORAY!!!)
  • You may create new pages and add to existing pages, but first, you'll need to take about 5-10 minutes to learn the basic editing rules.

As you learn, you can practice on the sandbox or playground, which is an area set aside just for testing and learning. Feel free to add and/or delete things there, but don't leave anything important there. That's just temporary space and the next person learning in the sandbox or playground may erase the stuff you did, or may simply add to it. If you want something to last, put it somewhere else in the existing Wiki pages, or create a brand new page for it.

Once you get the hang of editing Wiki pages, you should learn HowToLogIn, and create a listing for yourself on the Users page. Then you can set up your own page and let others learn more about you and your interests, post links to your website, projects, etc. See xiffy for an example.

Click on at the top of any Wiki page to get to the “front door” of this Wiki site. From there you'll find lots of links to other areas in this Wiki.

Dive in, and have fun! Welcome to the Wiki Community!

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