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Notice: this project was completed. The redesigned homepage was launched together with Nucleus v3.2. Later the Docs and the FAQ site were also refactored, and soon the Wiki and the Skins site will also follow the same design. – moraes, 24.july.2005

During the development of Nucleus 3.2 default skin, hcgtv and I (moraes) started to talk (again) about the homepage. During this time, Nucleus gained a box, a slogan, a start of a real branding and as Irmo said, it seems v.3.2 is leaping. So the idea is to take this further and start to plan a 'best-seller' Nucleus homepage. Also, Ivan appeared and he can design so well, and I hope he can help us.

Roel's earlier concepts about the new homepage involved a 'big seller box' at the top of the page where we would offer our product (Nucleus, duh). This is similar to other very well done products homepages:

I think our homepage could use the same concept. A big box at the top, with a shining Nucleus box (well, this is design, I'm just suggesting it should be shining :-) ) at the right side and a direct download button. Below this big header, the site would be like the current one: right column with news content and left column for the menu.

Ivan has been working on a new skin, which can be seen at Those tabs are nice! I think he can use this light and clean ideas and adapt that skin to make our seller site.

Below is the first ideas for the homepage:

Homepage plan

  1. Header top:
    • Nucleus logo: (100 pixels maximum height (?)
    • Navigation tabs: “Features”, “Screenshots”, “Demo”, “Testimonials”, “Download” (“Plugins” and “Forum” removed since they are at the navbar, “Demo” added since it “sells” and it is more related to Nucleus seller points)
  2. Header, below the top: “the seller box” (see the concept in action: and
    • Heading: Product description and best seller points (in few words). Our slogan should be in there: “Pure Publishing”
    • The Nucleus Box at the right side, maybe shining :-D
    • A direct download button (“Get it now”, “Download it now”)
  3. Content below:
  • Nucleus news
  • Menu with complete list of links. Roel suggested to replace some of the links with “informative boxes”. Here is the idea with some adaptations:

Box 1

Find out what Nucleus can do for you. See the system requirements. Or take a look at some sites running Nucleus.

Box 2

Personalize your Nucleus site with a new skin. Extend its functionalities using plugins. Or start building new things on top of the Nucleus Plugin API.

Box 3

You can find useful info on the documentation. If the docs weren't good enough, come visit us at the support forums! There are also Japanese and Korean dedicated forums available.

*This plan could be inserted in a bigger one, a 'nucleus visual identity' plan that would make all Nucleus family sites more consistent, clear, easy to use and maintain.*

We need to work on the content of the seller header, the marketing words that will make newcomers eyes shine. And we need a design to place the words in. Please feel free to edit this page and add your ideas, suggestions & brainstorms.

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