Nucleus CMS Plugins

Plugins can extend Nucleus to almost everything you desire. The reason why some features are not included in the Nucleus Core is that we didn't want it to become bloated. Some of you will like some features, others will like different ones. Nucleus provides a lightweight tool that can be used for different purposes, by simply plugging in the needed features - commonly called “plugins”.

Authors adding a new plugin (or updating an existing one) please note the wiki template to follow for formatting your plugin's whatisawiki page.

Plugin authors updating the plugin list here are requested to also modify the list sorted by category.


Welcome to the No. 1 Nucleus CMS plugins directory. Here you will find most of the plugins that are currently available for Nucleus. However, this list is never complete since plugins emerge almost on a daily basis, and not all authors submit their plugin to this wiki. I would like to thank all the contributors of this page for making it a good resource. If you want to submit your plugin, please take a look at the template for a plugin page in this wiki.

If this is your first visit to this wiki, don't be alarmed, it's all quite easy. See the Frontpage for an introduction and SandBox for some practice editing. This page can be edited by anyone. So if you've written a plugin for Nucleus, submit it here, and share the functionality.

Missing a plugin? Add it to the Wishlist.

You can find an essential plugins package here for the Nucleus 3.2 release. This package is a bundle of plugins which are considered to be commonly used among Nucleus users. Currently there are 8 plugins in this package, like trackback and blacklist.

(If you know some Japanese, check out the plugin overview on the Japanese Nucleus community site)

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Plugins: A - B

(this list is not complete, please submit your plugins)

NP_AccessControl Protect your blog from outsiders
NP_Acronym Encloses user-managed acronyms in posts with <acronym> tags
NP_AddCustomTEXT Provides a menu in the admin section to add external custom text in your item.
NP_AddItem An add item link that would pop up the same window as all of the edit links on your items.
NP_AddOpen This plugin creates links to bookmarklet of blogs which logged in users can use to post items. Team members without access to the admin area can also use it.
NP_AddThis This plugin adds AddThis bookmark button integration
NP_AdminPreview Shows a preview of an item in a popup window
NP_AdmTools Allows items to be duplicated from one blog to another.
NP_Age Template plugin showing age of poster at the time an item was posted.
NP_Alias Define an alias for each user on a per Blog basis.
NP_AntiSpamMail get spambot-safe maillinks for visitors that comment your site without losing the ability to just click on them.
NP_ArchiveExtras Show articles in your archive by any timeframe specified in plugin parameters including weekly, monthly or yearly archives. This is a simple plugin, for more advance options check out NP_TitleList.php
NP_AssignItemAuthor Blog admins can assign other blog team members as author of an item on new item submission or at editing.
NP_AutoExtented Automatically break body into extented body when adding a new item.
NP_AutoLink Automatically creates links for internet and mail addresses.
NP_AutoTwitter.php Allows auto-tweeting for comments and new item posts.
NP_AveragePosts Display the average posts per day. Latest release v0.1 - 16-02-2008.
NP_BadBehavior This plugin adapts the Bad Behavior 2.2.11 spam fighting script to NucleusCMS. Bad Behavior is a set of PHP scripts which prevents spambots and other malicious accesses to your PHP-based Web site. It works before your page is fully loaded and can conserve site resources.
NP_BasicAuth Make individual blog items private.
NP_BBCode Replaces BBCode in items and comments with HTML markup
NP_BetterDate A date function that accepts PHP date format strings and lets you choose between local or UTC time.
NP_BlogIE.php Import and export a blog with items and comments
NP_BlogKolom Plugin to show items in a table
NP_Bloglist Overview of the current items in all your blogs
NP_BloglistAdv Overview of the current items in all your blogs, with extra information on author, items, comments, etc.
NP_BlogPreview Preview your blog.
NP_BlogOwner Show multiple blog owner names (according to the blog id) with just one skin.
NP_Blogroll Manage a link database and keep count of how often your readers click on them.
NP_blogStats A plugin to show statistics of all your blogs.
NP_BlogTimes BlogTimes is a plugin that generates a bar graph showing the times you posted during the last month.
NP_BotTrackingThis plugin tracks searchbots visiting your blog
NP_BROverride A plugin which provide a per item linebreak-br convention.
NP_BrowserSniff Collects and displays information about browser usage.

Plugins: C - E

NP_Cache A cache solution to decrease the server load.
NP_Calendar A plugin which will allow you to display a calendar that links to days containing blog items (similar to the calendar functionality Movable Type and Radio Userland provide).
NP_Captcha A plugin that adds a captcha test to anonymous comment forms and member message forms, using images. Such a captcha test can prevent comment spam. For more advanced captcha, see NP_RECaptcha.
NP_CaptchaLite This plugin adds an invisible field to anonymous comment forms and member message forms, and then checks that field to detect if the writer was a human or it was a machine. This plugin can prevent comment spam.
NP_CatListVars Adds additional variables to those available in categorylists, such as number of items in category and whether the category is currently selected.
NP_CatLogo A template plugin that shows a category logo for all items.
NP_CatShow A template plugin that shows a list of aritlcles in current category.
NP_Censor A plugin to block offensive words and phrases from comments and items.
NP_Codeviewer A plugin that allows you to display PHP sourcecode in your postings
NP_CollapsedContents A plugin to show and hide extended entries without leaving the index page.
NP_ColorBox A plugin which adds ColorBox JS functionality to Nucleus blogs. Inspired by Seventoes' NP_LightBox. Supports image sets and other things.
NP_ColorRating A simple star rating system based on ColorRating by Jack Moore
NP_CommentCensor A plugin to block offensive words and phrases from user comments comments.
NP_CommentControl A plugin to help control comment spam and separate public/private comments.
NP_CommentCounter A plugin that gives you the sequence number of the current comment coupled to the item.
NP_CommentEditLink Add comment edit link.
NP_CommentFormTest A plugin that adds a new field to the comment form.
NP_commentNumber A plugin for those of you who want to display comment number in your ITEM (by default you can only display comment numbers in the Index page..
NP_CommentRealName A plugin that lets you show a commenter's real name instead of display name.
NP_CommentRedirect A plugin that extends the capability of Nucleus to redirect after a comment is posted. Now the user will be redirected directly to their comment.
NP_CommentRSS An RSS 2.0 feed for the latest comments for Nucleus or BlogCMS.
NP_Countdown A plugin that displays a days countdown until a specified event through the use of the plugin parameters given. Can be used for multiple instances.
NP_CountEntries Show the number of entries on your blog.
NP_Counter A plugin which shows a graphical or textual hit counter on your blog.
Np_Counter (alt implementation) Yet another web counter
NP_Counter2 A plugin to add a textual or graphical counter to your blog
NP_CropExtended A template plugin that cut&show the extended body of items.
NP_CurrentMedia The CurrentMedia plugin allows you to display a block of the music, book, movie, or video game that you are currently enjoying on each blog post. You may use search results or you may enter custom values.
NP_CustomField A plugin which can be used to add customfields to your items.
NP_CustomURL Provides a Fancy URL scheme that gives a lot of configurability in setting the URLs on your site
NP_DateImage Displays the date graphically as customised images.
NP_DBUCounter An advanced hitcounter that counts unique user visits based on time and ip address as well as additional statistics.
NP_DlCounter A simple file download counter.
NP_Dino A plugin allows you create simple static pages, same as PHP includes. A Plugin create simple access menu for you
NP_DisplayName Change the displayed name to the displayname field defined in NP_Profile. This plugin requires NP_Profile. This way a member can have a display name different from the username. Current version 0.1 released 12-04-2007.
NP_Documentation Embeds the documentation which is shipped with Nucleus CMS into the admin area.
NP_Dtree A JavaScript tree menu plugin that supports subcategories.
NP_Duration A plugin that allows to display duration of blog posting from now. e.g. 5 hours Ago, 2 months ago
NP_Earthquakemonitor Earthquake Monitor shows an overview of earthquakes around the world from the U.S. Geological Survey’s data.
NP_Empty A simple plugin which shows a message when a user is visiting a blog category which has no content yet.
NP_EventBlog A plugin which will enable you to post scheduling dates for a tour or other events. Updated for Nucleus 3.60+
NP_Excerpt Display the first few characters of an item from the body part. Latest release v0.1 - 04 February 2008.
NP_ExpiringComments Marks items as closed after one week, to help combat comment spam.

Plugins: F - J

NP_FakeMail A plugin which insert some fake email addresses to your page to fool spambots.
NP_FancierURL An improvement of FancyURLs which enables URLs similar to movabletype's.
NP_FancierURL2 A plugin that provides searchengine friendly URLs for Nucleus 3.22 and higher.
NP_FancyBox FancyBox popup plugin.
NP_FancyText This plugin can be used to enable smilies support in the comment sections and the body of your items. Also use of bold and italics and curly quotes is implemented by this plugin.
NP_Favatar Displays favicons from your commenter's URLs.
NP_Flash Post flash movies (swf) in your items easily.
NP_FlashMP3 Post mp3 in your items easily.
NP_FlashVideo Post flash videos (flv) in your items easily.
NP_Fmovie Post flash videos (flv) in your items easily using only GPl software and without advertisement.
NP_FootNote This plugin creates footnotes for your items.
NP_FriendlyComment This plugin stops email addresses showing up when people posted comments.
NP_Friends Adds friend network function to community blog. Works with NP_Profile 2 (2.1 recommended).
NP_Fuzzytime Display the publication time of an item like “quarter past five” instead of “5:13:43”. Different languages available and easy to translate into your own.
NP_Gallery Fully integrated nucleus native image gallery.
NP_GalleryImageBlock Display random image, latest image etc from your Gallery2 image gallery.
NP_GeoTags Adds meta tags with geographical information
NP_GeoTargeting Lets you geotarget individual blog posts
NP_GeShi2 Integrates GeSHi - the Generic Syntax Highlighter - into Nucleus CMS. GeSHi can highlight code from several programming languages.
NP_GoogleLiveChat Using a SkinVar this plugin returns a link for guests to initiate a google live chat if you are currently logged into your Google Talk account.
NP_GoogleReferer Show google referers on your page.
NP_GoogleSearch Show which words were used on Google to find your weblog and highlight the searchwords on the page.
NP_Gravatar Add Gravatar support to your weblog.
NP_GraphicText Turns text into images. For showing item titles or text on your blog
NP_GreyBox A plugin which adds GreyBox JS functionality to Nucleus blogs. Inspired by Seventoes' NP_LightBox. Supports image sets and page sets.
NP_GZip Save some bandwidth by gzipping your page.
NP_ImageBadge Adds a dynamic badge with sliding images etc.
ImageLimitSize Resizes image during upload to fit within maximum width and height parameters.
NP_ImageManager Embed the PHP Image Manager from Wei Zhuo into Nucleus CMS
NP_ImageRotation Show your Images As Flash slide show is simple steps at your Nucleus CMS
NP_Indic Allows you to write in Indic languages such as Hindi
NP_InterLace A plugin framework, wiki markup, tag as you type for comments and posts.
NP_ItemListEX Display list of items. Can choose between recent/latest items, previous items, next items. Can also display a list random items. How the list is displayed is defined through Nucleus Template. Current version 0.334 released 16-02-2008.
NP_InternetTime A plugin to show the Swatch Internet Time (.beat) of an item and/or comment
NP_ItemAge Template plugin showing age of item versus the current system time.
NP_ItemLastUpdated Template plugin displaying the time an item was last updated. Allows time format to be changed from blogoption.
NP_ItemLicense This plugin allows you to apply a license of your choice to selected blogs on an item-by-item basis. For when you don’t want to display a site-wide license.
NP_IFrame A plugin to insert frames inside your blog content.

Plugins: K - L

NP_Keywords Allows you to assign keywords to your journal items (you can also do this through NP_CustomField.php). Version 0.3 also provides keywords-based see also links.
NP_KnockAuth Simple knocking authentication plugin
NP_lastfm Displays a users stats
NP_LatestComments A plugin which will allow you to display n latest comments.
NP_LatestDisc A plugin which will allow you to display n latest commented posts.
NP_LatestPosts A plugin which displays latest posts.
NP_LdapAuth Allows you to use an existing LDAP directory for the user authentication credentials. Requires Nucleus 3.40 or higher.
NP_LightBox A plugin which adds LightBox JS functionality to Nucleus blogs.
NP_LightBox2 A plugin which adds LightBox 2 JS functionality to Nucleus blogs. Update and modification of Seventoes' NP_LightBox. Supports image sets.
NP_LinkDB A plugin which provides the capability to create and display a categorized database of weblinks.
NP_LinkDump A linkdump
NP_ListArticlesAndAuthor A plugin which shows recent articles and name of their author.
NP_ListArticlesByCategory A plugin which will allow you to list recent articles by category AND name.
NP_ListCategoriesByBlogId A plugin which will allow you to list all categories of a given blogid.
NP_LiveJournal A plugin copying Nucleus items to LiveJournal immediately after posting.
NP_LMFancierURL Provides search engine optimized URLs. A replacement for NP_FancierURL2.
NP_LMRedirectToItem Set up redirects to items. Primarily meant as a help when migrating to a different URL scheme.
NP_LMURLParts The NP_LMURLParts plugin is a general helper plugin that keep track of URL parts.
NP_LoginRedirect Automatically redirect members to their profile page when they login.
NP_LogoutRedirect Automatically redirect members to a custom URL when they logout.

Plugins: M

NP_Macros A plugin which allows users to create macros which will be applied on items before they get added to the database.
NP_MailForm Configure forms to be emailed where you want them. File uploads allowed.
NP_MailToAFriend Forward blog items to friends by email.
NP_Markdown A plugin that gives you the option to format your items using Michel Fortin's PHP Markdown, a port to PHP of the original Markdown program by John Gruber.
NP_MarkdownViewer See the source of Markdown Documents written using NP_Markdown.
NP_MediaArchive Creates a hyperlinked list of files from the member's media-folder.
NP_MediaBoxAdv Show your media files in nice overlay pop ups.
NP_MemberComment Use this plugin to display in the member skin the latest comments posted by each user.
NP_MemberInfo Add some more info about members (longer text and image).
NP_MemberItems Displays a list of the last items written by a particular author. Use it in your Member Details skin.
NP_MemberLevel Implements dynamic user-levels that increase depending on the amount of posts or comments a user makes.
NP_MemberList Displays a list of members and links to their contact page.
NP_MemberMail With NP_MemberMail you can have a mail form in other skins than the member skin.
NP_MemberScore Shows a global score per member (and guest) based on the comment moderation system. Needs NP_ModComments to work.
NP_MemberSkin Set a single skin to display all member pages. useful in multi-blog site where each blog uses its own skin and you want one common member details page for the site.
NP_MetaDescription Provides an easy way to add a meta description tag
NP_MetaTags Plugin that allows easy adding of meta keywords, description and robots as you create your post
NP_MiniForum simple forum (guestbook) or shoutbox
NP_Mobiledetect Redirects mobile browsers to another SKIN or another site.
NP_ModeratePost Plugin that allows anonymous blog posting.
NP_MonthlyArchivLinks This plugin can be used to display the last few monthly archiv links.
NP_Moonface Draw out the current phrase of the moon (fraction of the moon illuminated).
NP_MostCommented General do the same thing as NP_MostPopular
NP_MostKarma Displays the articles with most karma points (negative or positive).
NP_MostPopular A plugin which will allow you to display the most popular items.
NP_MostViewed Show the most viewed items
NP_MoveToDrafts Store already published items back to the drafts
NP_MSNReferer A plugin based on NP_GoogleSearch that tells visitors which words your site was found using MSN search engine.
NP_MultiLanguage Tools for making a multi-language site.
NP_MultipleCategories A multiple categories plug-in.
NP_myLinks A simple plugin which lets you import custom hot links from a file that you can edit
NP_MyNewsletter This plugin adds the possibility to Nucleus to send a daily/weekly/monthly/…, or just manually, newsletter with the latest X entries of your blog or the entries of today/yesterday. Your newsletter is completely customizable since it uses a normal Nucleus Skin to produce the newsletter!

Plugins: N - P

NP_Navbar A complete and *smart* breadcrumb navbar.
NP_New A simple plugin which displays new stories since last visit using cookies.
NP_NewAccount Display a sign-up form to your site, and automatically add new users to a specified blog team.
NP_NewItem Display NEW! next to new items since last visit.
NP_NewMembers Display a list with the the latest registered members.
NP_NewPostsSinceLastVisit This plugin shows blog posts since last visit using cookies.
NP_NewsFeed Syndicate RSS newsfeeds on your site. (This works for your blogroll too!)
NP_NoFollowExt All links in the posts except those specified in the white list will have nofollow attributes. And when clicked, will use javascript to open a new window. Latest Version 0.1 - Released 5 February 2008.
NP_NoSearchCommentform Block comment possiblities for googlers and the like.
NP_NotifyMe Send update emails to subscribers, and manage who's subscribed.
NP_NucleusDashboard Displays RSS feeds in the admin-area.
NP_NucleusNews Makes it possible to embed the Nucleus News feed in the sidebar.
NP_NumberOfComments Displays the number of comments for an item.
NP_NumberOfCommentsByUser Displays the number of comments a user has made.
NP_NumberOfMembers Displays the number of registered members (total, admins or non-admins).
NP_NumberOfPosts Displays a list of categories in a given weblog, followed by the number of posts published on each one of them.
NP_OneYearAgo Display list of items from one year prior to the current day.
NP_Online Display how many members and users were online in the past few minutes.
NP_OnThisDay Displays archive link to one year prior to the current day.
NP_Ordered Set the order (custom, by title, time, author, ascending, descending, random) your blog items are displayed. Set order of categories in list. Also, can exclude categories from main page and use an alternates template for items from specified categories. Use to display a specific item in your skin. And More
NP_PageBreak Allows multiple pages post (how many extended texts you want). It breaks a post as defined by you and creates navigation links between parts.
NP_Paranoia Alerts by email when accounts created/deleted and on successful or failed logins
NP_PaxAjaxKarmaVote Ajaxifies the standard karma voting system
NP_PHYFS Another anti spam plugin.
NP_photolog Add a (javascript) image-slideshow blog.
NP_phpBB Integration plugin to allow users of a phpBB forum to be authenticated in Nucleus using the phpBB cookie and create users that are not already created in Nucleus.
NP_PHPList Plugin frontend for PHPList v2.10.4
NP_picasagallery Here's another approach to a picturegallery: picasagallery! This one pulls all public albums and pics from any given picasaweb account, thanks to google's new api, and presents them in a nice way on your webpage. It can also show a random picture from any public picasaweb album anywhere on your site!
NP_PingPong Ping multiple services (besides at once.
NP_Podcast Podcasting support in Nucleus
NP_PopupImage Changes Nucleus' behavior to render automatically generated thumbnails in posts with links to the full size picture. Requires ImageMagick.
NP_PopupImageNetPBM A modified version of PopupImage based on netpbm grahpic library
NP_PopupImageGD A modified version of PopupImageNetPBM based on GD grahpic library version 2 or more (it also works with GD version 1 but you will have to modify the plugin yourself).
NP_PostAnywhere Display a post anywhere.
NP_PostMan Post your entries via email.
NP_PreviousPosts Shows a list of posts posted right before the current one.
NP_Print Printer friendly version of posts.
NP_PrivateMessaging Allow users to send PMs to other users.
NP_Profile To customize member profiles with custom fields. New version 2.21 released 04-09-2008.
NP_ProfileAlbum Makes it possible to add a simple gallery album to your member pages. It uses GD Image Library to create thumbnails.
NP_ProgressBar Display a small progress bar.
NP_PunBB Plugin interfaces Nucleus with the PunBB forum.

Plugins: Q - R

NP_QueryLog Stores and displayes all the search queries performed on your weblog.
NP_QuickTime Post Quicktime videos on your weblog.
NP_Random Display random text or images at your blog.
NP_RandomEntry Display a link to a random entry of your blog.
NP_RandomFeed Display a random newsfeed at your blog. (Combination of Random and Newsfeed)
NP_RandomImgDisplay random images at your blog with some additional features to NP_Random.
NP_RandomQuote Display a randomly selected quote from a text file database
NP_RandomQuoteDB Does the same as “NP_RandomQuote”, but let's you add, delete and change quotes via an interface. Quotes are stored and read from the database.
NP_Rate Add a rating system to your items.
NP_ReadingTime Display the number of words in an article and the approximate time to read the article. Latest release v0.1 - 04 February 2008
NP_RECaptcha A plugin that adds a web-service recaptcha test to anonymous comment forms and member message forms, using images. Such a captcha test can prevent comment spam.
NP_Referrer Show referrring sites to 1 or all of your pages. Includes both last and top referrers.
NP_Refer Show referring sites using Dean Allen's Refer.
NP_Reviews Show a graphic review rating for the item (rate is added by the author).
NP_Revision Store revisions of each story, see diff's and revert older revisions.
NP_RollingCopyright Automatically add successive copyright years to your Nucleus blog or CMS on January 1 of each year.
NP_RowNav Create row based navigational menu based on categories.
NP_RSSAtom A complete RSS/Atom parser that reads the headlines from the feeds you want to feature on your blog.
NP_RSSAtomAggregator A variation of NP_RSSAtom. Instead of reading a single feed it can read multiple feeds and combine them into a single list.
NP_RSSButtons Insert a button/link to facilitate subscibing to a number of news reader or page indexing sites
NP_RSSItem Export an item with it's comments and trackbacks as a RSS item so visitors can follow a discussion from within their favourite RSS Reader

Plugins: S

NP_SafeAddress Protect all email addresses in the posts to avoid spam bots. Latest release v0.1 - 6 Feb 2008.
NP_SearchHighlight Exploits Nucleus built-in query highlighting support to highlight the terms from a refering Google query
NP_ShinyText A plugin which will most some of the functionality of FancyText without modifying your entries.
NP_ShoutBoxEX ShoutBox per blog. The looks can be customized. Have own admin area to manage all the shouts. Latest release v0.1 - 11 June 2007.
NP_ShowBlogs Plugin which combines BlogWithOffset and PagelinkList.
NP_ShowComments A plugin which lets a user determine how many comments to show, what order to show them, and whether or not results should be paged
NP_ShowDraft A plugin which display the list of draft items by a login user
NP_ShowEverything A plugin which will allow you to chronologically list posts from different blogs in one combined stream. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_ShowPostID Display an item's id# in the Item edit screen.
NP_Simple_SEO Allows an administrator to add simple SEO (keywords/description/robots) meta tags to each item individually.
NP_SimpleShoutBox Adds a simple Shoutbox to your nucleus-cms.
NP_SiteList A plugin that will enable a sitelist on your site, and gives you the option to show a form to add sites to the list.
NP_SitemapExporter This plugin provides sitemaps for your website: a Google Sitemap and a Yahoo! Sitemap.
NP_SkinErrorHandler Customize your error messages to create a good 404 Error page for special skins.
NP_SkinFiles A plugin which gives you the ability to add, delete, rename, upload, edit, etc. files in the skins directory.
NP_SkinChooser Give your site visitors the option to choose the skin they use to view your site. Also good for skin designers to demo their skins on the same blog.
NP_SkinUploader Upload skins, easy =).
NP_SlimStat SlimStat provides sweet access statistics for your blog.
NP_SmartParagraphs Plugin that will do some paragraph formatting and cenversion for you.
NP_Smiley A plugin provides emoticons support
NP_Smscoin_key This Plugin allows you to hide any content on your blog, that will be visible only after user sends sms message.[sms] hidden text [/sms]
NP_Smscoin_rkey This Plugin allows you to hide any content on your blog, that will be visible only after user sends sms message. (Local version)[sms] hidden text [/sms]
NP_Smscoin_rpayment This specific plug-in enables your visitors to pay in order to access your services by sending an sms message.(Local version)
NP_SpamBayes A Spam Bayesian filtering plugin to fight spam. Listens to the SpamCheck event that NP_SpamCheck fires. Does work stand alone as well.
NP_SpamCheck Framework that uses subplugins for checking if something is spam
NP_SpamGuardian Text Based CAPTCHA alternative for stopping spam. Asks simple logic question.
NP_SpamSlower Spam-fighting plugin that limits attempts by spambots to inject many comments in a short period of time.
NP_SpamTrap Plugin that gets the spammers spamming each other.
NP_SpecialDay A plugin that displays a creates a link to a specified event through the use of the plugin parameters given. Can be used for multiple instances.
NP_SpoilerTag Provide spoiler tag with a button for showing or hiding the spoiler. Current version 0.1 released 02-05-2007.
SQLite wrapper for Nucleus A tool that makes Nuclues use SQLite as database engine.
NP_StickyItem A simple plugin which will allow you to make one post sticky used as a SkinVar, as opposed to the fully automated, but less controllable Sticky from AnanD
NP_SubmitSystem A plugin that provides you the ability to let your users submit content, including files. Content will be added after it is moderated.
NP_SWFObject A plugin that allows the publishing of Flash files using updated SWFObject code. Very useful when publishing XML based Flash slideshows etc.
NP_SystemInfo A plugin that displays details about your Nucleus, PHP, MySQL, and Apache installation.

Plugins: T - Z

NP_TableA plugin to add tables to posts. Sortable columns are possible.
NP_TagEXA plugin for tags that is compliant with NP_ShowBlogs and easier to configure.
NP_TagsEnable tagging on your blog.
NP_TechnoratiTagsA plugin to add tagging function to Nucleus in a simple way. It provides Technorati and tags support, plus native tagging function.
NP_TempVarsA plugin that allows the usage of some common skinvars in templates.
NP_TextInternationalise your skins by using skin language files.
NP_ThickBox A plugin which adds ThickBox JS functionality to Nucleus blogs. Update and modification of Seventoes' NP_LightBox. Supports image sets.
NP_time A plugin to show the current time in your blog.
NP_TinyMCE This plugin integrates TinyMCE (a WYSIWYG editor that supports XHTML 1.0) into Nucleus CMS. It needs no core hack for the installation.
NP_TitleList.php A plugin that allows you amazing list options for your archives and filtering capabilities.
NP_TrackBack A plugin that implements trackback to your site.
NP_Twitter Provide integration to twitter
NP_Updated Display a list of the latest updated blogs.
NP_UpdateToNow To update timestamp to the current time after an item is edited. Current version 0.2 released 29-03-2007.
NP_Validate A plugin that validates your item for X(HT)ML well-formdness.
NP_Var A plugin that supports GetVar and SetVar. With the use of this you can retrieve skinvariables later in an included file.
NP_Vote A poll plugin with its own API.
NP_Views How many times has this particular item been viewed?
NP_WAPPost A plugin that adds SkinVar that will display a WAP page for cellphones. This page has the basic functions for posting entries to your site.
NP_Weatherreport Another plugin that displays weather condition from lots any major City (highly configurable)
NP_WhatPulse Displays WhatPulse statistics.
NP_Whois Check the whois information for domain names.
NP_WIE Yet another Who Is Online plugin.
NP_WikiLink Allows quick links to Wikipedia to be made using the double-square-barcket Wiki markup.
NP_WikiRender Allow you to use a wiki like syntax instead of HTML when writing your articles.
NP_WikiWord Links Nucleus posts to a WakkaWiki or WackoWiki Wiki so that you can use WikiWords that automatically get linked to the pages in the Wiki.
NP_WindowsMediaVideo Ease the posting of Windows Media Videos (.wmv) in your items
NP_WordCount Displays the number of words in an entry.
NP_XBEL Ever wanted to publish your bookmarks on your blog? This plugin can read and display XBEL bookmark files.
NP_XMLTools Provide two versions of your RSS feed (full text or introduction only), without the need for multiple skins or templates.
NP_YahooReferer A plugin based on NP_GoogleSearch that tells visitors which words your site was found using Yahoo search engine.
NP_YAASP This plugin tries to prevent spammers from spamming your weblog. It does this by inserting a hidden field in the post-comment-form with a value that should match when posting a comment. Spammers often spam post there spam directly to the page which accepts the comments, thus bypassing the comment-form. If they use this method their input will lack the value of the hidden-field, and thus be blocked by YAASP. For a complete spam protection you can use this plugin in combination with NP_Blacklist.
NP_YearsAgo Display a archive link to the items posted one, two, and three years ago, but only if such items exist. Will check previous day if no items exist on the particular day.
NP_Zebra This plugin is used to add a zebra-stripe effect to items/comments/lists.
NP_znCustomAdmin This is a plug-in that customizes the management screen.
NP_znBackupNeo Automatically back up your Nucleus database and get the file emailed to you.

Plugin archive

Plugins that should be fixed

The description of these plugin has not enough information. For example there is no code or download link on the description page. Authors should add more information.

NP_AlphaLetter Show articles listed by letter specified in plugin parameters. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_ASrecentlist Fetches the list of recently listened to tracks from NP_AudioScrobbler and displays it. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_AudioScrobbler This plugin allows you to display a Now Playing box underneath each item you post.. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_AutoJoin Allow registered members to join specified teams by filling a form. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_AutoJoinBlog Automatically add any new member that registers to be added to a blog team. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Avatar Put avatar on your blog :fixme_grey.gif Please try NP_Profile instead.
NP_Blacklist Commentspam controlling plugin to minimize commentspam :fixme_grey.gif
NP_BookMark Displays a link to articles previously read. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_CaptchaWithText A plugin that adds a captcha test to anonymous comment forms and member message forms. It generates random simple english arithmetic questions, which foils most simple spam-bots. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Chat Display a mini shoutbox/chatbox on your Nucleus web site inside a skin part. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Copyright A plugin that displays a copyright message and link to specified URL using data gathered in parameters. Can be used for multiple instances.:fixme_grey.gif
NP_CurrentAge A plugin that shows the current age of a poster or event :fixme_grey.gif
NP_CustomField A plugin which can be used to add customfields to your items. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_CustomQuery Runs commands on custom SQL queries via plugin parameters. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_EventItem A plugin which will enable you to post scheduling dates for a tour or other events. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Female This plugin provides an additional formatting language and is based on NP_Textile. It provides support for WorldMaker's FEMALEscript code which is similar to BBCode and also provides decent plugin support. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Fastcomment This plugin displays an altered comment form on the index page, which users can use to quickly add comments to the latest entry in the blog. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Fortune Displays a random quote from a text file. Different from NP_RandomQuote in that a different quote is displayed upon each request and no queries to a DB are made. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_GenerateHTML A simple prototype plugin which shows you how to generate html files from the php files. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_GoogleCalendar Display appointments from your Google Calendar.:fixme_grey.gif
NP_GoogleImages Locate and associate images for your blog entries with this plugin. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_HowMuchTime This plugin can be used to calculate how much time has gone by since an event in the plugin parameters. Similar to NP_Countdown, but has option to display years, days, hours and seconds or a combination of each. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_ListArticlesByName A plugin which will allow you to list recent articles by name. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Menu Displays a navigational menu. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_MemberEcho Echo (different) message to a member or non member. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_MemberGoodies Extra functionality for registered members. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_ModComments Implements a core comment moderation system. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_NewMemberBlog Automatically creates a blog for any new member that registers and makes them an admin. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Pager Provides an API for plugins that need to display paginated results, like lists of comments or posts, be it inside the admin area or not. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_RealTag :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Related Show related items and so with your item. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_RightURL Fix URL problems in your blog. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Slimp3 A plugin which will show what is playing on your Slimp3 player, and enables the possibility to send messages to the screen. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_SpamImmunizer Immunizes your email addresses against spam by encrypting them and automatically decrypting them using JavaScript when clicked. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Sticky A simple plugin which will allow you to make one post sticky. (Attention: can cause problems with RSS-Feeds when implemented with zero comments!) :fixme_grey.gif
NP_Texy A plugin that gives you the option to format your items using David Grudl's Texy format. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_TopRated A plugin which will allow you to display the top rated items. :fixme_grey.gif

Under development

NP_Aggrgator.php Shows a combined view of ALL blogs on the system as a single page, limited to a specified number of entries. (NOT AVAILABLE YET)
NP_Batch.php (Not available yet, writing it now)
NP_JabberNotify.php Allows users to specify that they want to be notified via Jabber. (not released)
NP_JabberPost.php Allows users to post entries via jabber. (not released)
NP_Markup.php Enables Markdown, Markdown Extra, SmartyPants, Textile 1 and Textile 2 support.
NP_MultiBlogs.php The MultiBlogs plugin continues where the ShowBlogs and ShowEverything plugins stopped: different ways to show multiple blogs in one view, with search/template/paginate options.

Deprecated or outdated

The following plugins were replaced by better/faster plugins, or are out of date. They are no longer maintained and users should upgrade to their replacements. They are kept here for historical reasons.

NP_BlogWithOffset Like the blog or otherblog skinvars, but accepts limit and/or offset in the query string, allowing one to dynamically specify how many entries to show. (deprecated)
NP_FancierPermalink This plugin makes it possible to add fancier url's to items, categories and memberpages. The URL's look like the ones you get when you use Radek's FancierURL, but this plugin does not require any core mods.
NP_Geshi Provides Syntax Highlighting - highlights source code for multiple programming languages. :fixme_grey.gif
NP_GlobalBlacklist Anti-Spam system with global syncronization, blocks IPs, filters comments, checks referers. Users can submit keywords, domains, and IPs… and more. (Deprecated, links are broken, NP_Blacklist has similar features
NP_GoogleSitemap Help Google index your site with Google Sitemap.
NP_ItemList Display list of items. Can choose between recent/latest items, previous items, next items. How the list is displayed is defined through the plugin own admin area. Current version 1.0 released 13-04-2007. See NP_ItemListEX for the more updated/maintained.
NP_LinkBack A plugin which shows the refering page for an item.
NP_MembersOnline Show member names when they are online.
NP_OffsetEntriesLink Makes links for previous and next “x” entries. Requires NP_BlogWithOffset.php. (deprecated)
NP_OrderedBlog Set the order your blog items are displayed. (Deprecated. See NP_Ordered)
NP_PageLinkList Makes a list of links to blog pages. Requires NP_BlogWithOffset. (deprecated)
NP_PiyoShoutBox Simple Shoutbox. Compatible with NP_znSmiley and NP_Alias. Shoutbox per blog. Support logged-in members. Simple confirmation code using image to prevent spam. See NP_ShoutBoxEX.php instead.
NP_Poll Add polls and even multiple polls to your items. Poll management is done throught the admin area. See NP_Vote instead.
NP_SEO This plugin will convert external links in articles, external links in comments and external smart user links <%userlink%> into SEO optimized URLs, like
NP_SyntaxHighlighter A plugin that provide Syntax Highligthting for your postings (e.g. PHP,JS,CSS,XML)
NP_TinyMCE2 This plugin integrates TinyMCE (a WYSIWYG editor that supports XHTML 1.0) into Nucleus CMS. It needs no core hack for the installation.
NP_WYSIWYG_RTE WYSIWYG edit tool and Multimediamanager (outdated)

Documentation regarding writing plugins

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