Nucleus 5 (codename "Boron")

“Boron” (also sometimes referred to as “Nucleus 5”) is a codename for a major Nucleus refactoring. The fake 'version number' means we intend to use the new PHP 5 features extensivelly, and also that this will be a big step forward in terms of internal design, and finally that this is a plan for the future - don't expect a beta version for the next saturday evening. :-)

Currently we have a lot of very 'big' ideas for a next version of Nucleus, like a 'skinnable' admin area and a new admin area GUI, certified plugins and a improved plugin system, a database abstraction layer and others. (see the Nucleus Roadmap) Also there are some problems that would require a major core-change to be made (by example a very tight integration of plugins in the admin area).

So we have a lot of big ideas and problems which can not be solved due to current Nucleus design. All these things lead us to think in a big rewrite of Nucleus. Yes, a rewrite is probably the best way to introduce major changes without having to add hacks all over the place. Instead of hacking the core to still try to add these things maybe we could first have a look and answer the question:

  • “How an updated architecture could make Nucleus even more flexible and thereby solve these big issues?”

Of course we need at least some programmers that want to code all the new stuff. So currently these are just dreams… oops, I mean, ideas. Time will bring us some more programmers interested in help, and people with some design skills to develop a nice GUI, or even to give ideas or write some docs, and all these plans will grow. This is a start, and so be welcome to contribute. ;-)


Feel free to add your ideas to the topics below, or start a new one.

:!: Please use the wiki namespace “nucleus5” to start new topics or group discussions about this project.

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