Provides an easy way to add a meta description tag

General Plugin info
Author: Jef Pober
Current Version: 1.0
Code: NP_MetaDescription_code
Demo: None
Forum Thread: Discuss


  • you can set the description for index, item, archive, archivelist, search, memberdetails, error, popupimage and other.
  • it is possible to include vars (like membername for memberdetails and an except for items) in the meta tag
  • it can output XHTML compliant tags (default on)
  • you can customize the number of tabs before the <meta> tag
  • set an excerpt of your post content as your item meta description.


  1. Copy the code and save it as NP_MetaDescription.php
  2. Install the plugin.

How to use the plugin

  • Edit the header file of your skin. In the default skin has the code of the head section. Add the skinvar between <head> and </head>:
  • Now you can change the configuration in the plugin options

Available SkinVars and/or TemplateVars


  • Description for the index page
  • Description for the archive list
  • Description for archive pages
  • Description for member detail pages (%M gets replaced by the member name)
  • Description for search pages (%S gets replaced by the search term)
  • Description for item pages (%E gets replaced by an excerpt)
  • Description for image popups
  • Description for other pages (for example custom pages
  • The maximum amount of characters for an excerpt
  • Output XHML?
  • Amount of tabs to go before meta tag

Tips and Tricks




  • Version 1, released Sun May 30, 2004
    • initial release

Plugin review

NP_MetaDescription version 1.0 works with Nucleus CMS version 3.31 - 2007-11-19 kg

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