This plugin pends all in-coming comments for approval before posting it.

General Plugin info
Current Version: 0.70
Download: see here
Code: n/a
Demo: n/a
Forum Thread: forum here


  1. Download the code from above
  2. Extract the files and upload them into the nucleus plugin directory (you should hade a NP_CommentControl.php file and a commentcontrol/ subdirectory)
  3. Install from plugin admin menu
  4. Configure plugin option
  5. Modify commentcontrol/banlist.txt to add users to force moderate, if needed
  6. Modify item pages skin part (go to Admin menu → Skin, see “Item Pages” for the skin) to add <%CommentControl(warning)%> after <%commentform%>

How to use the plugin

After x days (as set in the option), all comment need approval before posting. For super admin, a warning is shown when browsing the item. A comment can be approve/deny from the post.

Alternatively, a comment control menu can be used to see all pending comments with action to approve/deny the comment. There is now a deny all function as well

Available SkinVars and/or TemplateVars

There are few other skinvar provided by this plugin:

  • <%CommentControl(pending)%> - display number of pending comments. This should be wrapped in a <%if(loggedin)%> so only super/login member can see. This can be used in the left/right column of the skin
  • <%CommentControl(url)%> - display in RSS feed with the comment, approve/deny links (not tested….)

There are also a template skinvar provided:

  • <%Commenttrol%> - to alart with a [new comment pending!!] tag. This can be used in the main item skin to alert of new comment


  • 0.7 2007-10-13
    • fix incorrect warning after comment pended in FURL2 mode
    • language file
    • add notification email
  • 0.6 2007-06-24
    • fix use createItemLink()
  • 0.5/a 2007-05-07
    • use sql_query()
    • added item author level approval support
  • 0.4 2005-09-16 admun
    • added pre-3.3 compatibility
  • 0.3 2005-08-23 Red Dalek
    • added support for separate url\email field
  • 0.25b 2005-01-31 admun
    • added deleted all pending (from admin menu)
  • 0.25a 2005-01-31 admun
    • add global DIR_PLUGINS
  • 0.25 2005-01-23 admun
    • added banlist file function @ commentcontrol/banlist.txt (to allow longer member ban list)
    • fixed a redirection bug
    • fix in allow/deny re-direction link, FancyURL (previous history skipped) ===== Plugin review ===== NP_CommentControl version 0.7 works with Nucleus CMS 3.31 - 2007-10-29 admun
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