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Recent Testimonials

"I've found Nucleus to be a dream to work with"

I'd just like to pass on my two cents about Nucleus CMS. I run a hockey blog at www.tapetotape.com, and I've found Nucleus to be a dream to work with. The plug-in system has allowed me to be able to create scripts and package them, condensing their calls and bringing all script execution inward a level, making me feel much better about accidentally leaving myself open to injection attacks. The layout process was extremely easy, and I look forward to developing in every new version that comes along!

"A very big thank you"

Just wanted to write a very big thankyou to the entire team. After about 10 hours of development work I have been able to create a static online career portfolio. I could have gone the route of creating simple html pages however was after something utilising php/mysql. I looked at several other applications and this was by far the easiest and best community support around. I have other projects from time to time so will certainly be using this in the future. All the best & thanks again...

"Nucleus is a teriffic blog platform"

Nucleus is a teriffic blog platform. After using blogger for my first blog I started using nucleus for my Find a Job - Job Search - HireExposure Blog. I am a lawyer and pretty much clueless about web programming, but your product makes it absolutely simple to do. I even customized a skin to give my blog the same look and feel as the rest of my website. I highly recommend your product. Thanks!

"Nucleus has helped me create a wonderful blog"

I'm a teenager with clueless PHP script-writing knowledge (especially blogging scripts). Nucleus has helped me create a wonderful blog and has kept me sane this school year. Thank you for making my life easier by not making me read a 400 page book on learning PHP.

"Nucleus CMS combines easy of use with low system requirements"

If you've ever wanted to convert from a static HTML website to one that runs from a database, then Nucleus CMS combines easy of use with low system requirements, which is why we chose it for our CMS tutorial that started in Home Computer Magazine Issue 4. (Home Computer Magazine is a free PC magazine from the UK, issues can de downloaded)

"Great work guys, keep it up!"

I've set up many various cms's and other pre-built systems for clients in my 5 year run as a web developer and I can safely say this is awesome software - easy to install, configure, maintain and intergrate all while still remaining totally flexible for the more advanced facilities required for power users. (Rupy)

"Well rounded and easy to use tool"

As a hosting company, we recommend this to all our clients looking for a great CMS script. Well done to the Nucleaus team for such a well rounded and easy to use tool. Setup is also a breeze. Warm regards and encouragement from Web Africa (WebAfrica).

"Well done!"

The easiest CMS I have ever installed, on my quest to find the ultimate open source content system; Nucleas is topping the lot.

"A robust and easy to use product"

As a first-time blogger but a long-time programmer, the first thing I was concerned about when reviewing blogware was how secure it was. NucleusCMS had one security advisory for an older version, and your team had responded to that advisory within a day. No problems.

My second concern was how hard it would be to get NucleusCMS up and running in its default configuration. No problems. It took me about 4 hours to get it right; that included installing your software (which mostly consisted of copying it to the right place and executing install.php), getting the mysql database and user created, and then tweeking the skins and plugins, blog name, etc. to suit my taste, adding my first user, and composing my first entry and . 4 hours for EVERYTHING.

Thanks for such a robust and easy to use product.


"Fantastic product and easy to set up!"

Fantastic product and easy to set up! I don't have a terribly deep knowledge of web design and I had tried several other publishing softwares to work with my website with several problems. I put Nucleus on my web server and within fifteen minutes I had my first column online. It sure beats the old way of manually doing all of the entry into an html file. Great package, love the plugins.

"Can people ask for more?"

Not only for blog sites this script is very interesting.
http://www.forul.be/ a new online mollgame in Belgium, has been set up in less then a day. Works like a charm.

And a lot of usefull plugin scripts available, all customizable, can people ask for more?

"sooooo much easier to install"

"This weblog has been in works for some time because I was trying to decide on which blog software to use. I had finally decided on using Movable Type, but I was having trouble installing it on my own. I then messed with Greymatter, but it was lacking in features. I went back to MT, but still had trouble installing it. I then decided to pay for them to install. They were taking too long so I decided to continue trying to install on my own until I got it right. Using the instructions from Greymatter, I was able to get MT installed on my own. After getting a few entries in, I went to the MT website for tips on customizing when I came across a reference to Nucleus. It seemed much more user friendly, especially on the install. My hunch was correct, it has all the same features from what I can tell and was sooooo much easier to install. Plus, I think my webhost would rather see PHP files running instead of CGI because there were previous issues in CGI files overloading the system. Kudos to the Nucleus team! Thanks!"

"nucleus is accessible to blind users"

"Just to say a great 'thanks' for your nice job. I'm totally blind and totally newbie in php and i've created my blog without any problem with the manual and the help of the forum. and, I could achieve my goal because you, the nucleus devs have thought about the accessibility of your software for blind users. Of course, I've some questions but now, my weblog which is about some cool utilities accessible with screen readers, is running on an accessible soft. Bravo for the job.
I've registered to the forum and I will ask some questions to get more from this good work. I've modified the tag of the nucleus button on the bottom of my page to claim that nucleus is accessible! lol" [Sof]

"most customizable I've seen"

"Awesome system, very easy to integrate into pages, really lets you get your hands on every little piece of the system. Also doesn't rely on CGI like MT or others. Easiest to set up and most customizable I've seen, in my book, that's what makes the best web software. Thanks to you and all the plugin authors." [Andy Knight]

"Great piece of code"

"If you own the server and you need a structured blog-like environment, Nucleus is the way to go. The default install is clean, simple and darn useful. Thank you so much Wouter for all your efforts on this great piece of code."

"Nucleus can handle a big site quite well"

"Let's say my Nucleus experience is huge: we have 65 blogs (3 of them coletive open blogs), about 530 registered users, 15 thousand posts and 44 thousand comments since 2000, and we registered 800 thousand page views in september 2003.

Ow, I'm just telling this because I'm very proud of Nucleus. Every single page on my site, including error, "thanks" and form pages, are dynamically generated by this script. This proves that Nucleus can handle a big site quite well." [moraes]

"Nucleus is brilliant"

"Fantastic, Nucleus is brilliant, I have tried them all and yours is the most simple to understand and yet still powerful, I plan to use nucleus on a number of my websites. WELL DONE!!" [Chris]


"Your Nucleus is wonderful!! Thank you! Kisses." [Chiara]

"This is a great script"

"This is a great script. I have this running on COASTER-net.com because it is easy for the staff members to post news on the stie and add content. I have expanded the script not to just do the news, it does the sections we have called News & Releases, Rumors & Updates, Editorial and Articles, Discussion Forums, Coaster Quiz. Web Links. It is just so versital to do all the stuff with little editing.

Thanks the dev team of Nucleus for making this a great script!"

"Great Concept."

"I downloaded and installed some 15 or 20 content management/publishing tools for testing on my personal website until I found Nucleus. Simple, easy and with a clear interface, it is the most obvious (and thats the
best about it) thing we could have imagined. Everything works great, never had a trouble. Great product.

Lacks some documentation though. Some things such as
multiple weblogs with multiple look and feels are not explained anywhere. I managed to do that looking through the PHP code" [cafecoca and cafecoca - Especial: DCMA]