Nucleus v3.31 Released

We have released Nucleus CMS v3.31. This release has some new features and a lot minor improvements. You can find more details in the version history.

We recommend Nucleus CMS v3.31 for new installations, the language versions for German and Polish will follow in the next time.

If you are running a Nucleus CMS v3.24 installation there is no urgency to upgrade. But we recommend to upgrade to version 3.31 so that you can benefit from the serveral improvements (like new plugin events).

Important hint for users of Nucleus 3.3: the version 3.3 was only available over the project page. We hadn't make an official announcement because there was a possible security risk in the NP_Ping plugin. If you have installed Nucleus 3.3 you can easily upgrade to 3.31 using the package.

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