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Since the release of Nucleus v2.5 beta, several updated language files have been added for download: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Persian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Tamil. Thanks all!

Also, I received word of some translated Nucleus Manuals:

October 30, 2003 - Permalink

Nucleus v2.5 beta available

Now available: Nucleus v2.5 beta. It's the current development version.

Some of the most important changes since v2.0:

  • New powerful fulltext search and improved search keyword highlighting
  • Some new skinvars
  • The admin area now has a navigation menu on the left side
  • Extra plugin functionality
  • It's now possible to use a custom database table prefix
  • XML-RPC implementation of Movable Type API and new metaWeblog methods
  • Bug fixes and other improvements
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Please note:

If you come across any bugs, feel free to drop by on the Support Forum

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