How to remove cat/id from fancierURL2

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How to remove cat/id from fancierURL2

Postby LordMatt » Mon Feb 10, 2014 5:34 pm

If like me you use FancierURL2 on any of your blogs but also like me you don't like that when you view a category it appends things like /cat/4 to the URL then this "fix" might be what you need.

For years now I've wanted the ONLY url to an item to be the one you get to from the main page. However when Google goes through my category links it ends up with the category id in the URL.

To fix it do this.

Backup NP_FancierURL2.php before you edit it!

Open NP_FancierURL2.php in a text editor that is not going to b upset by unusual encoding (the german language hack can upset Gedit).


Code: Select all

function event_GenerateURL(&$data)


Code: Select all

$params = $data['params'];

add on the next line

Code: Select all

$params['extra'] = '';

The extra stuff is no longer there.

You are welcome.

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