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NucleusCMS v3.8 RC

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:56 pm
by yama
Support PHP 7.1.0

  • NEW: Add Database Optimization/Repair
  • NEW: Add member halt(account lock).
  • NEW: Skin var if authorvisible
  • NEW: Add now button into edit item page
  • ADD: Blog option dislay item author
  • CHANGE: If Blog option authorvisible is no, <%author%> is return empty.
  • NEW: New feature PluginOneFolder.
  • CHANGE: Change plugin path of (NP_SkinFiles, NP_SecurityEnforcer, NP_Text).
  • ADD: Add Skin Class functions changeSkinByName, changeSkinById, getRootURL, getURL.
  • IMPORTANT,CHANGE: NotUseDbApi has been added to the supportsFeature of plugin. Plugin that does not use a query, please return the True in NotUseDbApi.
  • IMPORTANT,CHANGE: SqlApi_SQL92, SqlApi_drivername has been added to the supportsFeature of plugin .
  • NEW: Installer: SQLite installations have been added.(Experimental)
  • CHANGE: Installer: It has been changed to be able to use the ~@localhost in the e-mail address.