Character encoding problem

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Character encoding problem

Postby LordMatt » Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:25 pm

I have been getting comments that seem to break NucleusCMS. The output of the comment always terminates the output process like this:

<td>2014-06-24@23:10<br />__ __<br />http://www.[spamurl]<br />SPAMUSER@[SPAMMAIL]</td><td><input type="checkbox" id="batch22" name="batch[22]" value="22478" /><label for="batch22">newbalance </label></td></tr></tbody></table></form></div></div></div></body>

The DB encoding is latin1_swedish_ci. The comments are being sent [character 0010] among others (and lots of 0s) which the database handles but the display does not. It is character U+0010 that is killing the display.

The problem could be the conversion to UTF8 due to my testing AdvAdmin on the blog in question but that conversion is post generation so it seems unlikely. I can provide a copy of the bad data privately if that would be helpful.

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