Error! Invalid or expired ticket

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Error! Invalid or expired ticket

Postby the1knight » Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:45 pm

I'm relatively new to CMS and administrating with php so please bear with me.
Amongst other things that I have been able to over come, I've come across this little problem.

I'm working in localhost on Windows 7 ultimate with xampp 1.8.2
In nucleus I've been working on "Your Items", of which on a new installation there is the
Welcome to Nucelus dialogue. I wanted to place my own introduction above that leaving the Nucleus welcome below that to aid new visitors to the site. I have managed to acheive this, but not without difficulty.

I added my item, auto saved i, but when I came to adding it to the "Your Items" list, selecting to update immediately, I came across...
Error! Invalid or expired ticket

Reading a post from back in 2009, I figured to repair the nucleus_ticket in phpMyAdmin, then I had to log out and back in again to allow what I wanted to be acheived. Although succesful, the error repeas itself when I re-edit the item.

I'm worried that anyone who might be using the site when it goes live may come across this error.
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I am having a similar problem.

Postby joelwx » Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:33 pm

I have had my Nucleus site running for over a year. I have always struggled with getting items I edit to add without having to go to the admin page and add them.

I use the blogs mainly for travel. I am planning a new trip and have a new blog set up. Now when I try to add an item I get the "Invalid or expired ticket" window when I press the Add Item button in the edit window. The item is present if I go to the admin window. Many times though it is missing the last few words I was typing.

I have not changed anything in my setup of Nucleus 3.64. I wonder if there is a change at my host about timing.

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