Locked out of Admin area

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Anthony ODoibhailein
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Locked out of Admin area

Postby Anthony ODoibhailein » Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:18 pm

Hello, I am locked out of the admin area. This could be something daft but I have been round the blocks with it trying to resolve this so I decided to check here for support as I have run out of ideas.

The username and password for the admin area are well known to be and have been saved in my browser settings.

The config file shows the username and password for accessing the database which is fine.
As the admin user for the nucleus site my well used username and password are not getting me access.

I can access the file through my ftp software and access the database itself. The password in the database was not what it should have been so I changed that to what it should have been but no change, still no access to the admin area.

Any thoughts at all?

I was accessing the admin area to do a quick bit of work which has now become an hour long tussle to get access. Very frustrating.
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Nucleus Guru
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Postby WillyP » Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:06 pm

The password in the database is a hash.

See: Nucleus FAQ » How do I reset my Nucleus admin password using MySQL? for the query needed to reset your password.

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