FAQ and Plugin suggestion

Documentation is as important as the rest of the code, so if something is unclear, missing or just plain wrong, please tell it.
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FAQ and Plugin suggestion

Postby scrtadmr8 » Fri Jul 13, 2007 4:12 am

Item 1: Frequently Ask Question means answer that user wants to know to get project off the ground.
Currently, there are 173 items and it should be reduced - why Nucleus supporting terroism mention in FAQ? More disgusted to see it in most/... viewed. In plugins, viewer are giving info on a package of important plugins. Same should apply to FAQ? It took me a while to read all 173 arrticles and luckily I made a feed for easier clicking (dislike being a clicker/new page for every item plus backbutton clicking - prefer a FAQ roll).
ITEM 2: Imagine you are new to web development and you want to getgo on your project. What packet of info do I need to know. Choice of install on paid server or offline home computer server for developers, very popular plugins, security, how to ... plugins, GOOD paid server recommendation. I do not mind your site collecting advertising revenue for mentioning an inexpensive server, reliable server, good user support server, and value for money (balance) server providing it is the one you will use for that purpose.

Note: Did not read offline home server install immediately due to Vista trying remote access that I disable and so DSL was very slow at my bro place. New to vista with that laptop and web development, php, sql. Now, you can understand need for a package FAQ. Home, excited and install nucleus, then read all 173 FAQ items.

Item 3: Read your plugin summary. Discontinued plugin should be identified with some scheme (icon, colored text) so viewers can manage time more effectively. I knew u made an effort but viewed and discovered a few were disconitued (one mentioned to go to refer, waiki/wiki/ code not available and author on vacation)
ITEM 4: It had to describe a plugin when u program. Sometime, we see things from our view point and think it is describe properly. I understand. At least the coder tried to describe the plugin. To ask for a demo is too much since we are grateful for coder's plugin time and effort. It is nice if a viewer implementing a plugin mention there site in that forum thread. Feedback. If I can see it being used, I can understand the usage better. Notice moderators review a plugin by posting (dialogue) with the plugin author. Users of plugin, please help author and moderators by placing your site when u use that plugin and edit that link if your site discontinued. No spam, user karma.

These are suggestions and feel free to give your opinion.
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Postby danielck » Fri Jul 13, 2007 4:23 pm

Given the growing entries, I would suggest renaming the FAQ site to Knowledgebase will be more apropiate.

An FAQ categories could be created to retain the (really) common questions that people may look into.

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