NP_LMCommentModerator v1.0.0 - Comment moderation

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NP_LMCommentModerator v1.0.0 - Comment moderation

Postby slightlysome » Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:46 pm

This is a plugin for comment moderation. It will let you keep commenting open for all, while you will still have full control over which comments that get posted to the blog. When a comment is added will only the comment author see the comment if it is categorized as spam or if it is in the moderation queue. Non member comment authors can also edit their own comments for 1 hour after it was added. For recurring genuine comment authors can whitelists be set up.

The plugin includes a simple spam filter which let you whitelist or blacklist on member, ip, email address or website. In addition to that it have a spam filter API, that supports additional plugins for spam check.

To improve the spam filtering you should also install the LMStopForumSpam and LMSpamBotBehavior plugins. These plugins implements the spam check API provided by the LMCommentModerator plugin.

For a download link and the full information on the plugin see the LMCommentModerator plugin page.

The LMCommentModerator plugin is dependent on LMReplacementVars for comment handling. For a download link and the full information on the LMReplacementVars plugin see the LMReplacementVars plugin page.
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