Museter SHOUTcast Hosting

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Museter SHOUTcast Hosting

Postby Museter » Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:53 pm

Hello everyone,

Here is my site blog. Museter SHOUTcast Hosting My blog is located here: Museter SHOUTcast Hosting Blog

Museter is one of the leaders in unlimited audio SHOUTcast streaming hosting services. Museter is providing top quality service at the lowest price possible. Museter provides unlimited SHOUTcast services with our virtual server technology, which allows us to grow and expand with our customers' radio station demands. This is how we are able to offer unlimited packages at a very afforable price. We are a Vermont based company.

The only problem I am having is the rss feed does not seem to be working correctly.
Check out this...

If anyone can help or lead me to the right forum to post this error in that would be great!
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Postby matt_t_hat » Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:51 pm

That looks really smooth.

I'm going to be giving away 50 registrar white labels next month if you want to add domain name to the hosting deal. There's a SOAP API so you don't have to use the pre-built example shop.

The link will appear on the 31st on my which is one of a few new blogs I've set up of late.

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