How do I import a skin?

"I am bored of the Default skin and want to download and install one of the many beautiful skins available on the Nucleus CMS Skins site."


  1. Download a skin you like from

  2. Unpack the zip package that contains the skin files using an archive extracting software. Always select the option "Extract to here" if available! You should have a directory named after the skin (e.g. leaf for the Leaf skin). If you have a folder called skinname_skin, open it and check there is a skinname folder inside. The skinname folder is the one you want, not skinname_skin.

  3. Upload the skin folder to the /skins/ directory on your server (see How do I upload a skin via FTP?).

  4. In the admin area left menu, click on "Import/Export" (under the "Layout") header.

  5. Select the skin you want to import in the "Import from local file" drop down menu. Then click "import".

  6. On the next page (About to import skins and templates), check if there are skins or templates listed behind "Skin name clashes:" or "Template name clashes:". If that is not the case you can ignore these warnings and click the "Yes, I want to import this" button to confirm the import.

  7. If there are skins and templates listed under the name clash error message, go to the skins or templates admin area to check if these templates exist. If not, go ahead and ignore the warnings.

  8. If the skins and templates do exist, take a look at them and decide if you want to keep them. If you don't, ignore the warning and import your new skin. If you do, rename them to something else and import the new skin.

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