How can I stop comment and trackback spam?

Comment spam on weblogs turned from a minor nuisance into a major pain over the last couple of years. And unfortunately, there is no 100% solution for stopping comment and trackback spammers. But, the different plugins created by Nucleus users can lessen and (almost?) stop this annoyance.

Currently, the following plugins can help you control comment and trackback spam:

  • BadBehavior - This plugin adapts the Bad Behavior spam fighting script to NucleusCMS. It prevents comment spam, trackback spam, guestbook spam, wiki spam, referrer spam, and some types of malicious Web site hacking. It works before your page is fully loaded and can conserve site resources. Wiki page | Download | Discuss

  • SpamSlower - This plugin restricts attempts by bots or visitors to submit many comments in a short period. It also adds some checks to verify that a page has been loaded by a given IP within the past 30 minutes before comment submission and adds an interactive test if javascript is disabled. It should be used in conjunction with other spam-fighting plugins. It does not check the comment contents, so some spam may get through, but it should keep you from seeing multiples of the same spam. Wiki page | Download | Discuss

  • SpamBayes - The SpamBayes plugin uses bayesian filtering to catch spam comments and trackbacks on your weblog. This can be an effective tool to fight comment and trackback spam. However, you need to understand the basic principles before you should consider using this plugin.The first thing you will need to do is train the filter. This can be done with the comments that have already been submitted to your blog, as is detailed on the wiki page. This plugin can work very well after good training! Wiki page | Discuss.

  • Akismet - The Akismet plugin for Nucleus sends comments submitted to your blog to the Akismet spam prevention service. This central anti-spam service determines if something should be considered to be spam, sends back this information to your Nucleus install, where the spam comment is blocked. You need to install the NP_AntiSpam plugin (zip) before installing the Akismet plugin. Download | Information | Discuss

  • MultiRBL - NP_MultiRBL checks for comment and trackback spam with multiple blacklists. You need to install the NP_AntiSpam plugin (zip) before installing the MultiRBL plugin. Download | Information

  • CommentControl - The CommentControl plugin redirects all comments on items older then X days to a moderation queue, so that the site administrator can check those. This is especially useful since most comment spam is directed at older articles you or your site members have written. (If you set X to 0, all comments need to be approved before they appear on the site). Download | Wiki page | Discuss.

  • Captcha (for 3.2) - This new plugin requires a visitor to fill out a Captcha test before they can submit a comment. Since these types of test cannot be recognized by machines, automated comment spamming is almost impossible! (This plugin is only for Nucleus 3.2 and higher). Download | Wiki page

  • SpamGuardian - text-based captcha - Like the Captcha plugin, this plugin will present a site visitor who is commenting a challenge. But it is all text-based, thus accessible to all and not depending on a third graphics library. Highly recommended! More information is available on the wiki page.

  • YAASP - Yet Another Anti Spam Plugin - While being one of the lesser known anti-spam plugins for Nucleus, it remains one of the most succesfull ones. This one doesn't botther your visitors or require you to moderate comments. It just works! Download | Information

  • SpamCheck - This new plugin checks if something is spam by comparing it to a reference file. It does not check if something is spam by itself. Wiki page

Deprecated anti-spam plugins
The following plugins are now considered deprecated:
  • Blacklist - The Blacklist plugin allows you to block comments by keyword used or a visitor's IP address. It utilizes the central Movable Type's blacklist project, and you can add your own words/URL's/IP addresses to an extra personal blacklist. Download | Wiki page | Discuss. Note: if you use both the CommentControl and Blacklist plugins, the Blacklist should be placed higher in your pluginlist than CommentControl. You can move plugins up and down in the list.

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