How can I change the skin for my blog/site?

For each blog that is part of your Nucleus install, you can specify a different skin. This can be done in that particular blog's settings. When you first enter the admin area, you get a list of all your blogs:

List of all your blogs.

Click on the settings link next to the blog you want to change the skin for:

Click on the circled link to enter your individual blog settings.

Scroll down and find where it says "Default Skin" under the "Blog Settings" section. From that dropdown list, select another skin and then press Save at the bottom of that page. For example, here we want to change the skin from "Default" to "Libra":

Select the skin you would like to change to from the menu.

  1. The skins that you can select there have to be installed on your Nucleus system. At least the "default" Nucleus skin should be available from the dropdown list. If you want to have more options, you need to import one or more of the publicly available skins, or design one yourself.

  2. You may also have to change the Base Skin under Global Settings. The Base Skin is the skin a Nucleus install falls back to when no such decision can be automatically made by the CMS. This happens when skin parts are empty, when no blog or skin is implicitly/explicitly selected.

    (Most users don't need to worry about this setting, though.)
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