Help! My page is just plain text and no design or images are showing up!

"I just installed Nucleus with success and imported a skin. But something went wrong and now my whole website is just plain text. What happened to all my css site design and images?"

If the contents of your page are loading but the design isn't, chances are there is some reason your css file is not loading in the browser properly.

Original forum thread (thanks, kg and xiffy!):

  • First, check that you can access your css file by pointing your browser to (this assumes you have installed Nucleus in the root directory of your webserver. If not, go to instead), where skinname is the name of your current skin (e.g. use /default/ if you are using the default skin) and nameofcssfile.css is the name of the css file belonging to the skin (e.g. either default_left.css or default_right.css for the default skin).

  • If you get a 404 error, this means there is no css file on your server. There are also likely no image files on your server either. In this case, try reuploading all the files in your skin. This should fix your problem.

  • If the files are there but you still have a plain text only site, it may be a normal visitor does not have the privileges to see them css and image files. Check that the permissions of the files are set to 644 (you can do this through your FTP program or your host's file manager) and this should solve your problem.

  • If none of the above has worked, check if you have activated hot-link protection on your hosting account. if so, check that the domain you are running Nucleus on is authorised to access your files!

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