Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Nucleus cost?

Well, Nucleus is totally free of charge. Donations are much appreciated, though.

What about commercial websites? Can I use Nucleus?

Sure! It's "free for all". The only requirement is that the conditions in the GPL license are fullfilled.

What's this GPL license thing all about?

As of version 2.0, Nucleus is released under the open-source GPL License (General Public License). It basically means that the software is free for all. Modifications can be made and distributed, as long as the source is included and the same license (GPL) is used.

More information about GPL is available at the GNU website.

What do I need to run Nucleus?

You'll need the following (if you don't know where to find version information, ask your system administrator)

  • A server running PHP 4.0.6 or higher (4.1+ is recommended)
  • Access to a MySQL database (MySQL 3.23.x or above)

Is Nucleus difficult to install?

Installing Nucleus is pretty straightforward: unzip, upload the files to your server, execute the installscript, edit the contents of one file, and you're done. You don't need to know anything about PHP or SQL to install.

Can I import the data from my current weblogging tool into Nucleus?

There are currenlty no officially supported import tools, but we have some pointers to import-tools created by some of our users. More info...

Can I change the layout of my site?

Yes. That was one of the major points of attention while developing Nucleus. Having (almost) no (X)HTML code intertwingled with the PHP program code, allows you to have total control over the look of your site.

Nucleus allows multiple skins to co-exist, allowing to provide different views of the same weblog. As of Nucleus 2.0, there also is a skin import/export feature, allowing you to share skins with other Nucleus users

In the documentation that comes with Nucleus, there's a seperate section on skins and templates that might get you started.

Does Nucleus provide RSS/Atom syndication?

Yes. RSS 2.0 and Atom skins come with new Nucleus installations. Using the skins and templates system, extra formats can easily be added, or the included RSS skins can be modified to your liking.

Is it possible to output to other formats than HTML? (XML, WML, ...)

In theory: Yes. The skinning and templating system provided by Nucleus is flexible enough to provide in different output formats.

I really LOVE Nucleus! Can I donate?

Sure, see the donation information

Can I change the Nucleus code?

Yes, it is allowed to make changes to the Nucleus code (under the GPL license). It's also allowed to redistribute those modified versions, as long as the terms of the GPL license are followed.

Do I need a link back to Nucleus on my site

No, this is not required. It's your site. A link back would be a nice thing to do, though.

Can I have feature X?

Trying to keep the Nucleus core as clean as possible, we're trying to move as many features to plugins. If you have PHP knowledge, there's some information on plugin writing. If you're looking for plugins to install, there's an overview of plugins at the Nucleus Wiki

Not all features can be done using plugins, we know. The features that get implemented in the core are those that seam most useful to us.

Is Nucleus supporting terrorist organizations?

No, there's no need to start sending hate-mail. While it's true that there's at least one terrorist site that has chosen Nucleus to power its website, there's nothing we can do to prevent that. The GNU GPL license under which Nucleus has been released, allows anyone (anyone!) to download and install it for free. Even terrorists.

To make things clear: We're not supporting these terrorists or any other extremist organization. We've never had any contacts with their militants and are not providing hosting/whatever for them.