Important Note

Nucleus CMS has been closed. Please read the announcement for more information and related projects.

Donations are no longer being accepted.


Nucleus is a completely free script. We can't stress that enough. There is no advertising, no hidden traps, etc...

However, donations are much appreciated. No mather how small the donation is, it makes a difference: donations help us to cover hosting costs and are used as developer bounties.

Please note that a donation does not entitle you to any special treatment. There's just not enough time available to do that.

Thanks! You're wonderful!

Note: Donations are cool. However, we don't like them being used as a cheap form of advertising commercial sites that have no relationship with Nucleus whatsoever. Or search-engine-optimizing them. To discourage this type of donations, clearly commercial non-Nucleus websites will be listed at the bottom of the donators list and attributed with the rel="nofollow" attribute. Luckily, this note won't apply to most of you, but we wanted to make this clear.