Nucleus allows you to upload media files (images, video, sound, ...) to your website

Some settings are needed to do this:

  • Media dir: location on the server where the media files will be saved (local filesystem)
  • Media URL: location of the media files
  • Allow upload: It's possible to disable file upload
  • Allowed filetypes for upload: a bunch of extensions uploaded files can have (seperated by commas, case insensitive)
  • Max. upload file size: Puts a limit on the size of uploaded files
  • Prefix Media Files: When this option is turned on, uploaded file will be prefixed with the current date. Uploading a file named 'bunny.jpg' on April 8, 2003 will then result in a file named 20030408-bunny.jpg. The reason why you might want to do this, is when you're uploading tons of files, and don't want problems with duplicate names.

Each member has his own private collection of media files. Next to that, subdirectories that are under the media dir are seen as global collections (shared between members).

Uploading is only possible when a member is on the team of at least one of the blogs, to prevent abuse.

Admin Settings