What's allowed/disallowed in comments?

Nucleus has some built-in rules concerning comments:

  • words longer than 90 characters are not allowed (why: layout might get messed up when people do that)
  • the actual comment should be at least 3 characters long
  • comments cannot be longer than 5000 characters
  • guests need to enter a username of at least 2 characters
  • guests cannot use quotes or newlines in username/email
  • each sequence of 3 newlines in the body gets replaced by a single newline (why: layout)
  • HTML tags are replaced by entities
  • the comment is trimmed (leading and trailing whitespace is left of)
  • URLs are 'hreffed'. To avoid layout mess-ups, the URLs are shortened.

As for now, all of these rules and parameters are hardwired into the code.

Nucleus CMS Manual