Troubleshooting (FAQ)

Below, some of the most common problems with and questions about Nucleus are answered. Please read these first before you ask for help. In many cases, the solution can be found here.

I get an error: Cannot send headers. Headers already sent...
This problem is usually caused by whitespace at the beginning or end of config.php. Check if it has spaces or newlines before the starting <? or after the ending ?>. If there are, remove them. The problem can also have to do with spaces in the language file or one of the installed plugins.
When I try to run install.php, I'm prompted if I want to download install.php
Your web server is not set up to support PHP scripts. You won't be able to install Nucleus on such a system.
When I try to visit my website, I get a 'Connection Error'. Why?
The reason why this error is shown is that Nucleus cannot connect to your database server for one reason or another, or it cannot select the database. One possible reason is that your login information in config.php is incorrect. Another is that the mySQL server is down.
I can't get my update file to work!
File permissions need to be set correctly in order for the update file to work. The update file also needs to exist prior to changing the blogsettings. (e.g. you can create an empty file and upload it). About the file permissions, make sure the update file is chmodded to 666 and the directories are chmodded to 755. (Quick guide on changing file permissions)
I don't want the XML-RPC interface to be available
You can simply delete the xmlrpc/ directory without causing trouble.
I don't want RSS syndication (headlines) to be available
You can safely delete the xml-rss.php (headlines.php) file and the 'xmlrss' (headlines) skin/template
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