Known Problems

Some known issues/bugs:

  • At the time of release, there are officially supported blog conversion tools available for Nucleus v3.0. We do have a set of code with which you can start, and are providing pointers to the import tools created by others.
  • Ctrl + Shift + A shortcut might conflict with ICQ/Trillian
  • When PHP is running in SAFE mode, it's very likely that there will be problems when using the media directory (Nucleus will not be able to automatically detect image sizes, or disallow uploading)
  • Entities can get messed up in the RSS channel (e.g. & becomes &)
  • The notify-address option in blogsettings has a preset limit of 255 chars, which means you can't put too many e-mail addresses in there.
  • Live preview doesn't work correctly in Mozilla
  • Internet Explorer 6 seems to be occasionally closing itsself after adding an item. The item is added, though. (it's been a while since the last complaint about that, so it might have disappeared)
Nucleus CMS Manual