Credits & Thanks

No matter how hard we try, some people will be unintentionally overlooked in this section.


  • Wouter Demuynck

Code submissions

  • Jeroen Budts
  • Edmond Hui
  • Appie Verschoor (Fulltext search)
  • Many others... (check the history)

Libraries etc

  • Jeff MacMichael (NP_SkinFiles plugin)
  • Ivan Fong, Roel, Moraes, Hcgtv (Nucleus 3.2 default skin)
  • Plugins are written by their respective authors.
  • Thanks should go out to the people that wrote language-files for Nucleus. You can download extra language files on the Nucleus website.
  • The logo (the one with the yellow rays) was created by Rodrigo Moraes
  • The RSS 2.0 skin was created by Xiffy
  • The XML-RPC interface uses the 'XML-RPC for PHP' implementation from Useful Inc..
  • The backup/restore code is largely inspired on the code used in phpBB.
  • The JavaScript code used for the instant preview was originally inspired on the code used by Mijn Kop Thee (dutch) and
  • The globe bullet next to links in the admin screen, comes from QBullets


Many thanks should also go to all people who have helped Nucleus to become what it is today.

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