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Report Bugs

Despite our best efforts, the Nucleus code will never be 100% bug-free. If you happen to run into a bug, please take the time to report it in our support forum. We cannot fix a bug unless we're aware of it.

If you've found a security-related bug, please don't post it publicly, but let us know via other ways.


We're in need of good translations. New language files can be created by creating a copy of the english.php file in the /nucleus/languages/ directory and translating the constants inside.

Feel free to submit new language files or create improved versions of existing files.

Help us code

To deliver a good product, one needs clean, well-thought out and well-documented code. Good developers are the key to success.


Developers tend to take the easiest way, which isn't always the best way for end users. Complain about user experiences that aren't logical or too complicated.

Write documentation

Those lazy developers also tend to forget about end user documentation. Or, when writing some, they assume too much knowledge on the end-user or dive too deep into irrelevant technical details.. Documentation authors can fill this gap: providing end-users with documentation and answers with which they can actually do something.

Help out on the forum

Whether you're a new or long-time user, it feels good if you find that your question on the Support Forum has been answered. Help each other out. Point to the documentation or earlier forum topics. Common problems can be extracted and make it into code improvements.

Create a skin

Everyone likes a nice design for her blog. But not everyone is familiar enough with XHTML, CSS and nucleus keywords to create a skin of herself. That's where the Nucleus skins repository comes in.

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