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Plans for 2009

A little bit late we wish all users and supporters of Nucleus CMS a happy and successfull new year. :-)

In the next weeks we will release the new version 3.40. The Nucleus CMS developers have finished the release candidate so that expierenced users can test the new version. More information can be found in the Nucleus forum: Nucleus CMS 3.40 RC finished.

The versions 3.4x will be the last that are compatible to PHP 4. The version 3.3x and 3.4x are running on PHP 4 and PHP 5. Because PHP 4 is outdated and no security updates are available we recommend to use PHP 5 for all current versions of Nucleus CMS.

With version 3.50 we will switch to PHP 5 only. So we can use the new features of PHP 5 for the Nucleus CMS core development. We hope that most webhosting companies and administrators will have switched to PHP 5 in the next months.

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