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Nucleus v3.2 Released

After a cold & snowy winter, with months of comment spam irritation, we are glad to release version 3.2 of Nucleus! Nucleus v3.2 is aimed at minimizing your exposure to comment and trackback spam, while also providing increased usability.

The important changes:

  • The plugin API got enhanced, providing the necessary hooks for spam-fighting plugins like NP_Captcha.
  • Comment form errors are handled much more userfriendly now.
  • Links in comments get the rel="nofollow" attribute added, following the initiative led by Google.
  • New (great-looking!) default skin on full installs.
  • On full installs, the SkinFiles plugin is installed by default.
  • Member registration now uses account activation.
  • Fixed bugs, and more fixed issues.
  • View the full changelog

We are very enthusiastic about what has been achieved, and hope you will be too. Now go!

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