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Nucleus v1.55

Nucleus v1.55 is now available for download. It mainly contains bug fixes to v1.5 (e.g. the backup function was broken...) and some small additions.

I've also uploaded two new plugins:

  • FancyText spices up your blog with curly quotes and smilies in items and comments
  • FakeMail generates a list of random e-mail addresses, in an attempt to pollute the spammer-databases with false e-mail addresses. See Der Schockwellenreiter: Stoppt Spam (german page) for more about this action.
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Updated: Finnish language file

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New Plugins

Added some plugins to the list of available plugins.

Also, I plan on releasing v1.55 somewhere next week. It will mainly contain fixes for some bigger and smaller problems that were in v1.5. Next to that, it'll have some small improvements and additions.

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Some small updates:

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Nucleus v1.5 released

A new version is available for download:

Language files are currently available for Nucleus v1.5 in Dutch, English, French, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. The Finnish language file will be updated soon.

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Korean Language File

Thanks to enamu, there's now also a Korean Langauge File available. It's actually kind of funny to look at if you don't understand anything of it :)

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