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Nucleus v1.1

A new version is available for download (upgrade). Highlights of the Nucleus v1.1 release:
  • Categories
  • Support for metaWeblog API
  • Archives also available per day
  • Fixes and imporvements
  • Works when register_globals is turned off in PHP config
(full changelog)
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A spanish translation was provided by Horacio Salazar. Thanks!
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Bloglet supports Nucleus

Bloglet now also supports websites running Nucleus. Bloglet is a system that lets your visitors subscribe to a once-a-day mailing containing the site-updates of that day. Just sign up with Bloglet, enter your site details, and you're all set!
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I've recently started blogging at Dev.Nucleus. Status updates on Nucleus development, and other tech news.
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New language file: german

A new language file is now available for download on the languages page. Holger Laschka made a german translation.

Some other news: Nucleus v1.1 will get released somewhere around April 15 30. It'll have support for categories and the metaWeblog API, as well as lots of fixes.
Update: Changed the release date due to other projects (I prefer releasing a well-tested version)
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