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Minor Fix

I've updated the Nucleus v0.96 downloads to fix a minor bug that happened when using single quotes in image popup constructs. A slash was added in front of them automatically, and then again another slash was added when opening the popup window. Not very pleasant for the reader...
A patch file containing the 2 updated files is also available (files should be uploaded in the /nucleus/libs dir)
December 14, 2001 - Permalink

Nucleus v0.96 is here!

The 'couple of weeks' from last post turned out to be an underestimation (because of other work), but now it is here: Nucleus v0.96.

Biggest changes (full changelog):
  • Media library with file upload
  • Karma Votes
  • IP blocking
As of now, there are seperate instructions for new users and for upgrading users.

There's also a forum now (still empty) and the documentation has also been put online.
December 14, 2001 - Permalink