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Nucleus 0.94 available

Changes: looks better in Internet Explorer 6 now (made stylesheets more standard compliant), added an overview of what's going to be deleted on the confirmation screens, and fixed a bug in the XML-RPC interface. Plus some other small things, like setting a tab-order for forms.
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Want to test for yourself?

I've installed Nucleus at, where you can log with user: jandevries and password: openscore. No Super-Admin powers though :-)
And if you want to use Blogbuddy: the server is at and the endpoint is /nucleus/xmlrpc/server.php
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Hi from BlogBuddy 0.3.1! This message was posted using this little tool and the Nucleus XML-RPC server. Unfortunately, because of some bugs in v0.93, you'll have to wait until 0.94 is available (really soon now, with IE6 fixes) to be able to use it yourself.
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I modified the CSS of this page so all text is just one size bigger. In a standards-compliant browser (like Internet Explore 6 and Mozilla, this should work out nicely. In older browsers (e.g. IE5.x) the text might look quite big, though.
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Internet Explorer 6

It looks like the CSS-definitions that are included in Nucleus don't behave the same in IE 6 as in other browsers (IE 5.5/Mozilla/Opera). That'll be a thing for me to change in the next version. I don't know if the error is caused by myself, or by a misinterpretion of IE6 (i doubt the latter)
BTW, have you seen the button-gallery yet?
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Nucleus v0.93

It keeps raining updates as it keeps raining outside. No big changes in 0.93, except for some new functions in the XML-RPC interface. Next to that, the documentation has been updated with info on the XMl-RPC interface, and a 'tips & suggestions' page has been added. And, not to forget, some small fixes :-)
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Another Update!

Nucleus v0.92 is available in the download section. The GreyMatter conversion support is improved even more, and there are some important changes to the comment editing code. And hard returns in the "add item" forms are now converted into linebreaks, for your convenience.
September 18, 2001 - Permalink

Minor Update

I've uploaded a new version of the script, namely Nucleus v0.91. The only difference with the 0.9 version is that the conversion script for GreyMatter blogs now also converts the GreyMatter {{linkmo commands and the markup commands (like **bold text**). Thanks to Raoul for pointing me to that.
And a question: has anyone else experienced problems with e-mail address validation? The script telling that an e-mail address is incorrect while it is in fact correct?
update: It looks like there are still some small problems with the conversion of {{linkmo and {{emailmo, which give JavaScript errors sometimes. I'll look into that soon.
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Nucleus v0.9

Nucleus v0.9 is available for download. Some words of caution: this is not a final release! There still might be errors showing up, but the script as a whole should be quite stable by now.
If you find errors, either with the script or in the documentation, please send me e-mail describing the problem. That would be very helpful. A v1.0 release should follow in some weeks from now.
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Nucleus website online

I've launched the Nucleus website. It contains news and information on the Nucleus weblog tool. I plan to add a forum too later. A notification-list for new versions is also available (see download-page). This news section is (of course) powered by Nucleus.
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